NSILP Industry Panel – What Is Leadership?

On 6 March 2019 four leaders presented to the National Seafood Industry Leadership Program 2019 Participants in Hobart. The theme of the panel session was "Leadership and Your Sector of the Australian Seafood Industry".

Here is the link to hear the panel presentation to the team. https://youtu.be/ERJ2Rw4tXa8

You may also be interested in watching each of the speakers individually.

Emily Grilly - https://youtu.be/QQz90DwXwkM
Cam Shield - https://youtu.be/lza9feOljiU
Heidi Hansen - https://youtu.be/Yhyex3aXYyY
Sarah Ugalde - https://youtu.be/cCHWN1yPW14