Do you want to develop your knowledge about teams and demystify the stages of team development?

Whether you are a work, community or sporting team, this workshop can provide you with practical concepts to consider for your team and get them to a performing team.

Jill Briggs, Affectus Founder, will unravel Tuckman’s theory from the first contact to adjourning for teams.

  • thinking
  • discussing
  • developing
  • understanding

Workshop Content

  • How do you assist a team during the forming stage?
  • What needs to be part of the storming stage?
  • Where are the traps during the norming stage?
  • How to get to performing as rapidly as possible?

You will be asked critical questions throughout the workshop to encourage you to consider your own team. And how to move to a performing team or remaining in performance stage.

Teams Intensive Workshop Outcomes

At the conclusion of the 1 ½ hour Teams Intensive Workshop you will have:

  • An understanding of Tuckman’s team stages
  • Practical responses to each team stage
  • Direction to take immediately with your team
  • A plan to move your team to performance or keep your team at performance.

You will also be provided with learning notes prior to the commencement of the workshop.

The workshop will be delivered via teleconference technology to ensure anyone and everyone can participate. 

Who Should Attend?

The Teams Intensive Workshop is ideal for:

  • Managers and leaders who want their teams to reach their potential
  • Team members who are interested in understanding dynamics of teams
  • Employees who would like the knowledge edge to assist a team towards performance

For further information about the Teams Intensive program please contact us.