Exploring Your Why is a half-day workshop that involves:

  • thinking
  • discussing
  • developing
  • understanding

to identify your answers to the question “What is my why?”

You will:

  • identify your values
  • establish your passions
  • understand your gifts
  • understanding

These three elements will point you towards your why.

Workshop Content

  • what is why
  • the importance of understanding your why
  • the elements that contribute to your why
  • identifying your interests and your skills
  • working in your why

The Affectus team will assist you to explore why and clarify yours.

We see concepts swirl around in rooms where people seeking to understand their why are thinking, talking and imagining why. We are convinced that to really get to your why, there are several processes to undertake. 

Who Should Attend?

Professionals, managers, mums, dads, friends or anyone interested in understanding more about their why.

For further information about the Exploring Your Why workshop please contact us.

What Past Participants Have Said


"Exploring Your Why" is suitable for people searching for their why. The process takes you there to give you some direction and clarity or to challenge you.


Rina Cooper


Absolutely worthwhile.


Kristy Davies