“Demonstrate the leadership you wish to see.”

So during this current reality Affectus has decided to be just that. We will be helpful – nothing more/nothing less - we want to help you be the leader you want to see.

So our listening has resulted in Lockdown Leadership
We will post comments, ideas and thoughts here that we believe will be helpful to the situation as it continues to develop.
We will hold virtual gatherings to bring people together and discuss and find meaning and build support.
We will connect you with others who may be able to provide solutions.

We promise our best help to get you all to “next”.

Jill and the Affectus Team

Build your leadership while you are looking after yourself and the community.

  • thinking
  • watching
  • fun
  • discussing
  • connecting
  • developing
  • understanding

Lockdown Leadership Spaces

Reading Space

  • Information that will help a dispersed work team
  • Articles to increase your leadership knowledge
  • Worksheets to populate with your ideas and plans

​Interview Space

Affectus taps into our broad Alumni and discuss leadership.

Interactive Space

  • Online workshops on essential leadership skills
  • Moderated and guided drop-in sessions for group discussions about areas to explore

Visual Space

Easy to access 10 minute videos delivered by our team including-  

  • Values
  • Goal-setting
  • Team Function
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Motivation

Social Space

  • Virtual Networking Events
  • Leadership Chats
  • Lighthearted Connecting
  • Online Discussion

Help Space

  • A Q&A Space that we will moderate and assist you or provide you with links.

Use this time of 'lockdown' to gain new skills and insight.

Make new connections and build your network

Discover new ways to apply your leadership.


Jill Briggs, Founder, affectus

About Us

Meet Jill

Meet Heidi

Who Should Join?

Professionals, managers, executive teams, chairs and  friends or anyone interested in understanding more about their why.

For further information about the Lockdown Leadership please contact us.

Your Lockdown Leadership Investment

Whatever you can pay...we will talk to you about that after you register and then leave it up to you...

  • Materials
  • Professionally facilitated virtual workshops delivered by the Affectus team including Founder and Managing Director, Jill Briggs
  • Access to online resource library including videos to share with others in your work team and networks
  • Moderated group conversations to have fun, problem-solve and plan solution

Call or contact the affectus team to talk through your lockdown leadership opportunities.