PURE Breakthrough

PURE Breakthrough 

Are you looking to Pause, Unearth, Review and Expand?

And break through?

What do you want?

  • More insight?
  • New goals?
  • An understanding of the way you face challenges?
  • Direction now and for the future?
  •  way to be more present and effective with communication?
  • To greater affect?
  • A changed affect?

Make the time to imagine, contemplate, consider, learn, get new understandings, plan and enjoy robust conversations and valuable understandings with a group of people wanting… more

PURE Breakthrough

Pure Breakthrough is an all-inclusive annual two-day workshop. You will Pause, Unearth, Review and Expand.


Perhaps you are someone who looks forward no matter how average you feel or how unfocused you are.

You regularly look for opportunities to know more about yourself and find out more about yourself so that your impact is greater and more purposeful.

You want your affect to be bigger - more positive.

Now is the time to re-examine you and your affect.

Your affect will be greater when you have a chance to think, review, pause and focus.

It will be a far simpler process to make a greater impact if you have had a chance to step out of the business of your daily routine and get a clearer picture of you, your values, your skills and abilities and your why. 

That’s exactly what you will discover attending and engaging in this workshop of change and direction.

Here’s what you will do

You will spend time:

  • Mapping how you have arrived where you are today
  • Understanding how this has happened and considering the key elements
  • Enjoying the specific venue and surrounding environs selected for the event

Here’s what we guarantee

  • Exceptionally facilitated learning and insight sessions
  • Materials designed for your insights and knowledge building
  • New direction
  • Tranquil environs to explore, contemplate and consider
  • Delicious food and an extremely comfortable sleeping space

Here’s what Affectus will do

  • Gather a terrific group of people together so that the conversations will be robust and the understandings valuable
  • Organise your accommodation
  • Plan and source delicious food for the entire event