If "next" is an opportunity to find better, what questions will you find answers to get ready?  Jill Briggs, Founder, affectus

Is the Interactive Ready Package the right fit for you?

This package will maximise your interactive experience and sharpen your knowledge. It is designed for those individuals and teams who have their fingers poised above the green go button and want to be prepared. Prepare by thinking through “going back to the workplace” and maximise their newly acquired confidence and skills as soon as you move back into the work team.

1. Online Workshops - 120 mins of intensive focused work.

(Note we call them "Doshops" - they are definitely not talkshops.)

The suite of four workshops have been specifically developed in response to the facilitated discussions we have had with our Affectus "family".

Workshop 1 (120mins) – Getting You Ready

Covering these practice building areas

  • Understanding Different
  • Communication Styles
  • Priority Setting
  • Mindfulness
  • New Knowledge & Unhelpful Habits.

Workshop 2 (120mins) – Your "I'm Ready" Thinking

Covering these practice building areas

  • Responses to Disruption and Understanding Chaos;
  • Circles of Influence 
  • Re-entering the world 
  • Conflict and the emotional toll 
  • Personal Safety and Slack 
  • Anxiety and FOMO.

Workshop 3 (120mins) – Your Workplace Change

  • Workplace Values
  • Goal setting using the art of mind mapping
  • Rewards and rewarding
  • Readjusted Responsibilities
  • Re-defining your power

Workshop 4 (120mins) – Ready to Lead

  • Personality strengths to refine
  • Defining your leadership
  • De Bono’s Thinking
  • Setting a new agenda – the questions that must be answered
  • Communicating new priorities
  • Building a stronger network
  • Refining the workspace.

2. Solution Sessions

(Note these are not gabfests)

The solution sessions are 45 minute of carefully designed and concentrated dialogue spent detecting solutions with your peers and a cell executive coach. Each person in the cell will receive ideas and opinions that will drive your Ready efforts.

Solution Session 1

  • Solution Cell 1 – Getting you ready - define actions and plan accountability
  • Solution Cell 2 – Getting your thinking ready - define actions and plan accountability


Solution Session 2

  • Solution Cell 3 – Changing your workplace - define actions and plan accountability
  • Solution Cell 4 – Ready to Lead - define actions and plan accountability

Your package will also unlock the Ready Volt containing more videos and papers.

What more could you want? You will be ready to take on your world!

But if you do want more we have thought of that also.

Add-on Ready for Anything Executive Coaching

We have a range of intense and long-term executive coaching options that you can add. These packages will ensure that your learnings, insights and efforts stick...you know that 'help you be accountable' element that we sometimes need assistance with.

When you register for Interactive Ready we will ask you to nominate your preferred workshops and solution session dates. Head here to see our delivery schedule.

Are YOU ready?

Is it time to make the changes that must be made?

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