Leadership Space

Leadership Space

I have spent more than 40 years thinking about leadership. At various times during these years, it has totally absorbed me. I have spent time thinking about who I am and where I want to be, what change I want to make and what the team might look like to make that change a reality.

I have flirted with the concepts of:

  • bribing people into voting for me
    (Albury Primary School Vice-Captain – you can see how successful that was)
  • begging to be the sports captain
    (I remained an ineffective winger after that effort)
  • and then understanding that it was always about finding my passion and getting better connected with my why, my purpose.

And this is why I have found the term #leadershipspace so helpful over the last decade.

I feel confident that I have found what #leadershipspace means. And what it might mean to others. So, let me explain, shall I?

#leadershipspace is about finding where we want to be and affecting that space. It is your and my hope that what we do:

  • will have an affect
  • that things will change
  • that there will be a difference
  • and we all have a deep desire that will we have an affect

I have heard it described:

  • as legacy by some
  • a better future by others
  • working on my why, by people I love
  • making a difference
  • helping where it Is needed

…this desire to affect is a powerful driver. It drives me.

I also know that people want to see the affect, people stepping into a leadership spaces and those watching us stepping into leadership spaces some call it the evidence of leadership money spent wisely.

I frown as I hear the perennial comment “So what have we got from our $ spent” and I think look harder, listen carefully, be wiser.

And I think each person has thought about the affect they will make.

Everyone who has been part of any program, (any that I have facilitated or other people), everyone has thought about their affect.

They think about it:

  • their purpose
  • their community
  • the issues
  • the decline
  • the positive changes

and they think “Where is the space for me?”

And then they see it!

Sometimes it takes no time and sometimes it takes a long time; sometimes only the individual can see it (and only ever will) and sometimes the world sees it. But believe me everyone wants to affect their #leadershipspace…

So how do you find the leadership space where you will affect things?

Well, that can take a long conversation, even a whole leadership program or years of mulling through but it takes thinking steps.

We have developed some tips below that will help you.

We believe that these couple of links will help you start your thinking steps about affect and your leadership space.

If you would like further information regarding any of these initiatives, feel free to contact Jill, jill@affectusaus.com.au.