Jill Briggs, Founder, affectus

Has there been disruption in your workplace and team? 

Perhaps roles have altered and responsibilities have morphed?

Are you juggling your work and life? Are things the same as before?


Who is providing leadership at the moment?


We have designed ready options that will assist you to get you and your teams attitude, ideas and processes focused to “get back to it”.

Are you ready?

Are you looking to refocus?

Is your team needing to find a new focus? 

Do you want to fast-track changes as in your workplace?

Can you see that your team needs to resolve any changes going back into the workplace?

Had time to do some thinking?

See that things can be better?

We will help you - keep up-to-date about ready.


Is your team ready?

Is it time to invest in your people to fast-track your business back to efficiency?

Affectus has designed a ready option to suit your needs.

ready Information – this package includes papers, videos and a Guest Speaker Event. This blend is for those who want the opportunity to hear and see as well as read the information. This package will build your confidence ensuring you have knowledge about yourself, you will be READY to head back to work. An excellent package for individuals and teams to build new knowledge and understanding as you navigate the new and different.

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Interactive ready  – this package will maximise your interactive experience and sharpen your knowledge. It is designed for those individuals and teams who have their fingers poised above the green go button and want to be prepared. You and/or the team will be prepared by thinking through “going back to the workplace” and newly acquired confidence and skills will be maximised and applied as soon as you move back into the work team. 

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Completely ready – This package is the burger with The Lot. It has everything – all the papers and videos, access to all workshops and the solution-finding sessions AND the Guest Speaker event. Be completely ready or take advantage of this package with your team. You will be able to share new knowledge with those you work with and establish processes and direction for the new and different space we are in and will be navigating for a period of time yet.

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ready Volt – FREE – a space developed during Lockdown that we have enabled specifically to assist you get READY.

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  • For those of you who want to support and accountability...
  • Who are looking for concrete and long-lasting solutions and direction...
  • Who are determine to plan and remain focused and accountable...

Then our ready for anything executive coaching packages have been tailored for you.

Perhaps you want your team to be ready together.

Contact Affectus to discuss your specific needs and we will design a package to meet the needs of your entire team.