What is Why made up of?

The Four Components of Exploring Your Why.

1. Values

In our last blog, we talked about the foundational component of Why, (values), and the essential connection between your values and your Why.

When Affectus works with teams to assist them to explore their Why we start with a values identification exercise. This session helps “explorers” understand the foundation of their Why. The values exercise then becomes a focused conversation with a peer to assist them to consolidate their thinking.

There are three other key components that we encourage our “explorers” to investigate.

2. Passion

The second component is passion.

We have developed a process for the harnessing of personal passion and enthusiasm. Keywords that assist in this part of the exploration of Why are:

  • on fire
  • humming
  • light you up.

It is surprising that the use of such words might make some explorers uncomfortable, however when these emotions are brought into a space of interest and openness the energy becomes enabling, eager and intense…the emotions of Why become present.

3. Gifts

The third component is to equip you with your gifts.

To visualise personal gifts and bravely hear others name your gifts unseen. A few theories of “unseen” and “unknown” assist to see clearly your gifts…the gifts you know you have and the gifts you hear others speak about you. The humbleness of exploring this part of yourself needs to be counter-balanced with pride and confidence.

4. Commitment

The fourth component is the “explorers” commitment.

This involves thinking through how can you be working in your Why more fully, more frequently, more consciously. This is a physical activity and an open communication activity. A powerful naming of your Why.

Exploring your Why is a revealing process, a powerful process. It is something we all should spend time doing.

You might like to share the video below with those you care about…it might assist them in their exploration of their Why.