Celebrating (not motivating)

What are the right questions for leadership?

I have been part of some great celebrations.

What celebrations have you:

  • Witnessed?
  • Planned?
  • Enjoyed?

What are the elements that make celebrations:

  • Memorable?
  • Meaningful?
  • Sincere?

During the celebrations we witness people fist pump, hug, yell, clink glasses, laugh, cry, speak too much, not speak at all.

We regularly attend highly managed celebrations. And we also have enjoyed more casual less orchestrated gatherings. And, frequently, I have been leading teams that have organised celebrations.

So what is celebration?

Let me go to the beginning.

What is celebration and why do we celebrate?

By definition celebration means this…

A special enjoyable event that people organise because something pleasant has happened

Therefore, celebration involves some level of thought and planning.

What is the importance of celebration for you? Why do you celebrate?

I celebrate birthdays, awards, deaths, achieved goals…what about you?

Some thinking …

Do you blend celebration with motivating people? 

I would encourage you all to consider celebration as a separate concept to motivation.

Start with a why question:

  • Why are you celebrating?
  • Why are you considering motivation? 

I will write about motivation separately but let's consider celebration (briefly) now. 

  • Celebration questions tend to be what questions, followed by logistics and planning.
  • It's easy to get celebration and motivation confused. They are different/different not different/same.