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celebration, reflection and action

Celebration - Reflection and Action

Celebration... A reflection and an action 

This is my last blog for 2019. Now that is something to celebrate.

I have spent time this week considering what to celebrate and how to do it.

Affectus has had another amazing year. We have

  • had shocks to get through
  • celebrated our resilience
  • had change that we have managed
  • embraced this and felt grateful
  • had wonderful success with valued clients who have cheered and joined with us in congratulations
  • had a sense of achievement during those moments

We are completing 2019 with a great sense of positive anticipation.


How do you celebrate?

What have been the celebration moments during 2019 that have stuck with you?

How will you take those celebration processes and activities into the new decade?

As I look back over the 12 months these are the meaningful ways that I have witnessed celebrations where we have been the centre of or on the edge of.

  • having fun with new and old friends on a dance floor
  • promises in front of huge audience
  • reflective conversations with valued colleagues about essential issues
  • quiet times with loved ones
  • adventures with friends to commemorate historical moments
  • collective moments with our team grieving about loss and laughing about next steps
  • public statements through social media

Mostly for me celebration is a remembering process and a looking forward process.

What will you remember as 2019 finishes?

How will you be packaging those moments of celebration and carrying them with you into 2020?

What process will you use to think through the moments?

Sometimes we need a bit of a process to help us capture the celebratory moments and carry them forward.

Do you need a process?

A celebration formula

Once upon a time I hit on a formula what worked for most people. And it was a meaningful and semi-public way of people sharing their times of celebration.

It was just two simple questions that we each answered well before the clock clicked over into the new year. These questions might be useful and they are pretty simple.

1. What was great about this year?

My answer will be:

  • the people I worked with
  • the people I changed the world with
  • the people who took a risk and changed their world
  • the people who are my family
  • the Affectus folk and the people who have engaged with us
  • the people who have engaged us to assist them to help people change the world through leadership action.
2. What are you going to celebrate this time next year?

I anticipate my answer will be

“the people I have seen courageously take leadership action and change the world”.

Let’s celebrate! What a year!

celebration and motivation



In a recent blog I cautioned about the blending of celebration and motivation. And the importance of ensuring the separation of the two concepts.

However, it is also important to see that having a motivated team may result in celebration. 

So why the delicacy around blending the two concepts?

I suppose it comes in the form of manipulation. None of us like to be manipulated.

It is therefore valuable to separate celebration from motivation.  Perhaps you do. Or perhaps you haven’t even thought about it.

Blending Celebration and Motivation

Have you ever seen the blending of motivation with celebration that resulted in manipulation?

I have. The push back is extreme. The sense of team and individual resistance increases and trust is lowered. And it is hard to repair.

So beware the blend of Celebration and Motivation!


And now to motivation.

I recently ran my eye across a few articles written about motivation and celebration. And I was interested to read the tips regarding motivation.

Fundamentally, my experience with hundreds of teams indicates that increasing motivation commences with the leadership team focusing on individuals.

I have found that thinking through the following concepts can be useful:

  • individual or yeam environment
  • intrinsic or extrinsic reward
  • long-term or short-term task(s)
  • roles and/or responsibilities

When you consider motivation the above  concepts can assist in targeting your motivation process.

A recent experience

Recently, I assisted a team deliver on an outcome for a Government Minister. It was fascinating to watch the motivation of the group unfold. 

We teased out the concept of roles and responsibilities. It was important to establish that first. (So note that the above list isn’t sequential. It is responsive.) By having roles and responsibilities articulated the team could apply energy with focus.

The group needed to work as a team and sub-teams. This team concept was clearly communicated to the group so the endeavours were driven by a team ethos.

What was missing was time to understand how individuals in the team preferred to be rewarded.

When in a leadership role I believe it is vital to understand reward preferences. So, finally a tip.

If you are thinking about celebrating the end of another amazing year and hoping to motivate your team through celebrating with gifting, think about the individual. Yep that can be a bit of work!

Consider whether individuals are intrinsically or extrinsically orientated. And reward them in a manner that matches preference.


 Only ONE.

Know your staff. Are they intrinsic or extrinsic?